November 17 2017
Proboscis monkey in river

Borneo orangutan tour trip report Nov 2017

Borneo orangutan tour report- November 2017 “Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible nature. Unaware that this nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshiping.” Hubert Reeves There’s a paradox of living in our current snapshot of human evolution. Travel possibilities abound more than ever, but we […]

November 01 2017
Kingfisher Storkbilled

Tanjung Puting birds

Tanjung Puting national park in Borneo where I run my annual orangutan tours is home to plenty of other wildlife including over 230 species of our feathered friends. Below are a few bird photos taken on my trips there. I’m grateful to Quentin Phillipps for giving me a copy of his book The Field Guide […]

October 30 2017
Tanjung Puting orangutan

Tanjung Puting orangutan tour

Tanjung Puting orangutan tour trip report – Oct 2017 Where to start !? My October 2017 orangutan photography tour to Tanjung Puting National park, Borneo was so special. First I’d like to say huge thanks to Nikki, Helen, Kevin, Katy, James, Ian and Hannah for being so wonderful. Watching wildlife with like minded people is […]

October 22 2017
Orangutan sanctuary

orangutan conservation

They say that the eyes the are the windows to the soul. Many orangutans end up in quarantine centres when their habitat is destroyed and I think the eyes say it all in my four photos below ? Compare the vibrance between those in captivity and the others living wild in the forest. For the […]

September 13 2017
mosquito bite blood

What protection should I take against malaria

Protection against Malaria What protection against malaria you should consider, is one that I get asked frequently by people joining me on a Borneo orangutan holiday. This is my personal opinion based on many years spent in areas of the world with a risk of Malaria. I should clarify that I’m not downplaying this disease. […]

September 07 2017
Proboscis monkeys Tanjung Puting information

Proboscis monkey information

Photos for this Proboscis monkey information were taken on my Borneo orangutan holidays run in partnership with The Orangutan Foundation UK. There's a few more photos of Proboscis monkeys jumping and leaping here. Proboscis monkey information - key facts Common name - Proboscis monkey; Latin name - Nasalis larvatus Size/weight - Males: up to 75 [...]
August 09 2017

Why I love a manta ray

Manta rays Hanifaru bay, Maldives Manta rays have the largest brain of any fish by absolute weight and if you’ve been lucky enough to exchange eye contact with these incredible animals you’ll know there’s a lot going on in there. Their spacial awareness, social interactions and curiosity towards humans indicate a high level of intelligence. […]

May 09 2017

The Orangutan’s World

The Orangutan’s World book Huge thanks to The Guardian for doing such a great feature on my new book The Orangutan’s World. Click on the image below for a link to their article and gallery of wildlife photos. There’s more information on The Orangutan’s World here including a few sample pages to flick through.

April 18 2017
Beachy Head Sussex

Sussex photography training day May 2017

A few photos from my last Sussex photography training day. “Thanks for the awesome photography day today – just arrived home and spent the whole journey chatting about everything we’ve learnt. Off to the beach again now, this time with the dog to try some frisby action shots ! ” Jen and Marcus. Fancy coming […]

April 18 2017
Sussex photography day

Sussex photography workshop April 16th 2017

Such a wonderful day on Sunday with some lovely photos from my Sussex photography workshop. Thanks so much to Vicky and Margaret for sharing some of their shots from our day below. If you fancy coming on a future Sussex photography day click here for more info.  “I had the pleasure of spending a day […]

April 16 2017
Sri Lanka temple

What has this got to do with photography ?

“The principle of nowness is very important to any effort to establish an enlightened society. You may wonder what the best approach is to helping society and how you can know that what you are doing is authentic and good. The only answer is nowness. The way to relax, or rest the mind is nowness […]

April 06 2017

Another quote I love

I’ve just finished reading a truly inspiring book about Mahatma Gandhi entited ‘The story of my experiments with truth’. If you want to learn more about compassion and honesty in the face of extreme provocation then just buy it now. Enjoy. “There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court […]

April 03 2017

Sussex photography day Sunday 2nd April

Thanks so much to Peter, Jan, Lucinda, Kalie, Dawn and Julian for being part of my last Sussex photography workshop on 2nd April. A gorgeous day with lovely people – what a pleasure ! “I had a great time on the Sussex Photo Day.  Ian made us all feel very welcome and relaxed.  Our time […]

March 17 2017
Orangutan book

Orangutan book

The Orangutan's World I'm delighted to announce that our new Orangutan book is now published. It's packed with gorgeous photos and a selection of quotes from many people including Sir David Attenborough, Joanna Lumley, Jane Goodall, Ashley Leiman and Ian Wood (whoever the last two are) ... and best of all every penny from sales [...]
March 04 2017

Why I love Ranthambore

Tiger holiday India Ranthambore in India always comes up trumps with truly intimate wildlife sightings. Here’s a few photos from just a two hour window during our safari this morning. If you fancy coming on a future tiger photography holiday then there’s more information here .

March 01 2017
Snow leopard

Snow leopard quest

Snow leopard quest trip report – February 2016 Camping at over 12,000 feet in temperatures down to minus 28 C isn’t everyone’s idea of a picnic and this snow leopard quest certainly had some extreme highs and lows if you’ll forgive the pun. Massive thanks to Ashley, Rob, Christine, Ginnie, Robert, Michal, Derek, Lee, Linden […]

November 16 2016
Borneo orangutan trip

Borneo orangutan trip report Nov 2016

Orangutan photography trip to Tajung Puting national park – November 2016 When people first enquire about joining a Borneo orangutan photography trip with me I send some general info out where I describe these holidays like a group of friends sharing an incredible experience together. This happened so quickly on this tour so massive thanks […]

November 01 2016

Orangutan release

Borneo Orangutan release Today I’ve been working with the veterinary team of the Orangutan Foundation UK who have successfully released another orangutan into Lamandau wildlife reserve in Borneo. This area of forest has been a release site for some years now with hundreds of orangutans rehabilitated there. Just three weeks ago this seven year old […]

October 31 2016

Orangutan holiday Borneo trip report Oct 2016

Orangutan holiday Borneo October 22nd to 30th 201 “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another – what you like doing this to ? I thought no one but myself loved this so.” Huge thanks to all who participated in this Borneo orangutan fundraising trip. This is the 10th year that […]

September 10 2016

Macro photography course Sussex

Macro photography course Sussex Macro photography day, Sussex. Lullington Heath in the South Downs National park is the perfect place for macro photography with an incredible 20 species of butterfly recorded here along with a huge amount of other insect life. Here’s a few photos taken on my last macro photography course. There’s information on […]

September 04 2016
Star trails Algonquin Canada

Stars and Northern lights

Look at the stars … look how they shine for you. I’ve spent the last week in Algonquin park in Canada way beyond the land of light pollution. Here’s a few photos of the stars which are all unedited with the star trail photos just a combination of about 200 photos layered together to show […]

August 31 2016
Toronto city Canada

Toronto Canada

I’m not a great City person and feel much more at home in a forest or on a remote island but I have to say Toronto rocks as a city ! About to head up north now but I think Toronto has to be one of the friendliest cities I’ve ever been to.

August 10 2016
Black and white Colobus monkeys Uganda

Uganda primates

A tiny selection of some of the 19 species of Uganda primates. These photos were taken on my Uganda mountain gorilla holidays. Mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys and red Colobus monkeys are all featured in my new book along with over 40 other species. Illustrated with beautiful photography, the concept is a ‘coffee table’ style […]