December 01 2018

Derawan Dive Report

With just so many beautiful wildlife encounters over the last couple of weeks it’s hard to know where to start this Derawan dive report.  Mind blowing sightings of Manta Rays, Whale sharks and Thresher sharks would have to be the highlight I suppose. But it would also be rude to ignore seeing over a 100 […]

November 26 2018
Jellyfish lake Kakaban Borneo

Jellyfish lake Borneo

Kakaban island lies off the east coast of Kalimantan and is home to the famous jellyfish lake of Borneo. The reefs around this gorgeous uninhabited island offer fantastic diving where we had great sightings of Thresher and Nurse sharks along with lots of black and white tips. In between dives it possibly has the world’ […]

November 15 2018

orangutan photography tour November trip report

Positive people seem to get rewarded with positive wildlife experiences. Our last week in Borneo has been very very special Everyone gelled so quickly on this trip and it soon became a group of friends sharing a unique experience together. And blimey were we rewarded with some incredible wildlife encounters. Massive thanks to Scott, Jane, […]

November 06 2018
Baby orangutan Tanjung Puting

Orangutan babies

Orangutan babies A few random photos of orangutan babies taken on my Borneo Orangutan fundraising holidays. Orangutans are one of the animals that humans can relate to so if we can't ensure a long term future for these peaceful vegetarians then I think there is little hope for the wider world. Although the overall picture [...]
October 31 2018
wildlife nature photography

Proboscis monkey photos

Proboscis monkey photos Proboscis monkeys are endemic to the low lying coastal swamps of Borneo. One of the most important population thrives in Tanjung Puting national park where you'll see so many that it's easy to forget quite how endangered these primates are. Every evening, small groups gather in the tree tops next to a [...]
October 30 2018

Orangutan photography tour trip report

We’ve just finished this year’s October Borneo orangutan photography tour so while I have a decent internet connection I’ll add a a few photos below. Massive thanks to Bob, Christine, Andy, Jill, Eric, Vicky, Pam and Scott for being such lovely participants this year. Between us we raised another chunk of money for The Orangutan […]

October 13 2018
Orangutan book

Borneo orangutan conservation

Soon I return to Borneo for my annual orangutan fundraising tours where we see and photograph and immense amount of wildllife. One of the places we’ll visit on my October trip is the Lamandau wildlife reserve which is such a positive conservation project. Through sales of our last book ‘The Orangutan’s World’ the Orangutan Foundation […]

October 07 2018
wildlife nature photography

Wildlife nature photography

I’m preparing for my coming overseas trip at the mo where I feel blessed to go on a mission to return to photograph some of my favourite animals. This is the 18th year of running my Borneo orangutan fundraising trips which is where I’ll start this journey. Tanjung Puting National park is home to over […]

September 11 2018
Photography workshops Sussex

Photography workshops Sussex

It’s been a busy time recently running various photography workshops in sunny Sussex. As always it’s been a pleasure to meet so many new people to share and develop our photography skills. My remaining photography workshops for this season are all full now but I’ll be running an enhanced program again from next Spring. Here’s […]

August 23 2018

Manta rays Hanifaru

Manta rays Hanifaru Exciting news in the pipeline in that we’re planning a dive trip to Hanifaru bay onboard a liveaboard boat. It won’t happen until 2020 but if you dive and are interested in coming and seeing the greatest manta ray feeding frenzy on earth then contact us here to register an advanced interest […]

August 17 2018

Photos and quotes

Five photos and quotes to end the week …  “Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong; it makes you bitter. Forgiving doesn’t make you weak; it sets you free.” Buddha “If only you could kill time without injuring eternity.” Henry David Thoreau “Bad weather is good weather for photography.” “We cannot see our reflection in […]

August 01 2018

Namibia June 2018 trip report

Namibia June 2018 trip report It was such an utter pleasure to travel with Alpha, Ginnie, Robert, Lee, Derek, Jo and Russell during our recent Namibia wander. The general consensus amongst our group of well travelled souls was that this was the best trip of everyone’s entire lives. One of the many things I love […]

July 25 2018
Sossusvlei Namibia sand dunes

Sossusvlei Namibia sand dunes

Sossusvlei Namibia sand dunes Watching the sunrise dissolve the morning shadows in Sossusvlei, Namibia, is a such a spiritual experience that mere words cannot begin to do it justice. Here’s a few photos from this magical desert which contains the highest sand dunes on our rather lovely planet. Scuplted by the winds into an ever […]

July 13 2018
desert elephants namibia

Desert elephants Namibia

Desert elephants Namibia – a few photos from our recent encounter in Damaraland. It’s been a personal ambition for some time to try and photograph the desert elephants of Namibia. Often you just get a special vibe when searching for wildlife. As the first cracks of sunlight illuminated  our track through the heart of Damaraland […]

July 07 2018

Quiver tree forest Namibia pictures

Quiver tree forest Namibia pictures A few days ago I spent the night in the Quiver tree forest in Namibia which is utter heaven for photographers. If you love stars and photography then this area is fantastic as you’ll have very little light pollution. Below are a few pictures from the shoot including information on […]

June 26 2018
Eagle's Nest lodge in Mburo National Park

Mountain gorilla photography holiday trip report – 2

Massive thanks to Michal, Pat, Tom, David, Val and Marcia for being so wonderful on my latest Uganda trip which we’ve just finished. (There’s also a trip report and a few photos from our earlier Uganda trip here.) I normally start these trip reports with a mention of our mountain gorilla encounter as I do […]

June 17 2018
Shoebill Mabamba swamp Entebbe

Shoebill Mabamba swamp Entebbe

This morning I returned to the Mabamba swamp near Entebbe, Uganda, on our first outing with my next mountain gorilla photography tour. It’s been such a gorgeous day here and we were rewarded with some outstanding bird watching opportunities including a great sighting of the Shoebill which we even saw flying at close quarters. Above […]

June 15 2018
Landscape photography Uganda

Why I love Uganda

Uganda landscape photography With 18 primate species including mountain gorillas & chimpanzees and over a 1000 bird species Uganda is a wildlife haven but it’s also a great place for landscapes too. There’s more info on my future Uganda gorilla holidays here or scroll down below for a few landscape photos from this lush green […]

June 14 2018
Flycatcher bird African Blue

Ugandan birds

Uganda birds Uganda is rightly famous for its primates – close encounters with mountain gorillas and chimpanzees are all but guaranteed in several parts of this fertile land. But there’s so much more to Uganda. In terms of wildlife it’s home to 17 other primate species along with larger mammals such as elephant, lion, leopard […]

June 14 2018
Mountain gorilla photography tour

Uganda mountain gorilla trip report

We’ve just finished our first Uganda mountain gorilla trip for this year which was utterly wildlife tastic ! Massive thanks to Andy, Rob, Chris, Caroline, June and Pamela for being such a lovely group. Uganda is one of my favourite countries on our planet and I’ve been coming here regularly for many years now. Although […]

May 29 2018
Mountain gorilla photography tour Uganda

Mountain gorilla photography tour

I’m packed and ready to return to one of my favourite countries on our lovely planet ahead of my two mountain gorilla photography tours to Uganda this June. Although our mountain gorilla encounters will almost certainly be the pinnacle of these trips, Uganda has so much more to offer. With over 1100 species of birds […]

May 25 2018

The simple bear necessities

Huge thanks to Gill, Andy, Carlos, Linden and Barbara for coming on my recent bear and wolverine trip to northern Finland. It’s a quick turn around now as I leave for Uganda and Namibia soon but below are a few photos from this trip. Our first bear at about 11.30 pm on our first night […]

May 17 2018

Bears and meditation

I’m on my way back to the far north of Finland today for my annual bear trip in the land of the midnight sun. A group of six of us will spend the next few nights waiting in purpose built hides for bears, wolverines and if we’re lucky wolves to pass close by. With two […]

May 11 2018

Back button focusing advantages

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of a one-on-one Sussex photography day with Justine who has been taking lovely photos for some time. There’s a link to some of her photography here.  One of the first things we did was to set her camera to back button focusing and I thought my explanation of the advantages […]

May 06 2018
Beachy Head

Waiting for the light

There are two particular pleasures of landscape photography that I just love, love, love. One is the walk to get to a particular vantage point and the other the meditative chance to just breathe and wait for the light. Last Friday I ran a Sussex one-on-one photography day with Colin where we explored the Seven […]