Borneo orangutan tour trip report Nov 2017

Borneo orangutan tour report- November 2017

“Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible nature. Unaware that this nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshiping.” Hubert Reeves

There’s a paradox of living in our current snapshot of human evolution. Travel possibilities abound more than ever, but we get to witness first hand the destruction of nature. And merely by travelleing – more often than not – we can have a negative effect on the environment. From this Borneo orangutan tour we made a donation to The Orangutan Foundation of several thousand pounds which went towards their recent tree re-planting scheme where over 20,000 trees have been planted. The forest in Lamandau which is an orangutan release site is actually getting larger. Huge thanks to Sandra, Jo, Paul, Tom, Sarah and Amy for being so lovely on this trip. As Jo said on our final night – ‘we arrived as strangers and leave as friends’. My internet connection is poor at the mo but I’ll try to put just a handful of photos below from this trip. There’s more info on my future orangutan tours here. To read the trip report from my October 2017 Borneo orangutan fundraising trip click here.

Tanjung Puting sunsetSunset on the river Sekonyer on our first evening taken on my Iphone.

Tanjung Puting orangutanTrying to capture the interaction between a male orangutan and a butterfly.

Tree replanting BorneoSarah, Jo, Paul, Tom and Amy and Sandra planting their trees at a reforestation project.

estuarine crocodileAn estuarine crocodile which escorted our boat for a few minutes upstream one morning.

mum and baby orangutan

Proboscis monkey leapingProboscis monkey in riverProboscis monkey leaping into the river near Camp Leakey

Borneo river nightAn amble downstream one night in search of fireflies.

mum and baby Borneo orangutan

White bearded gibbonA white bearded gibbon next to the river one morning.

Baby orangutan in tree

A good sighting of a young wild orangutan by the river eating Rasau shoots.

Borneo spider webSpider making web on LSD

Stick insect BorneoStick insect

Pacific swallow BorneoPacific Swallow