Snow leopard quest

Snow leopard quest trip report – February 2016

Camping at over 12,000 feet in temperatures down to minus 28 C isn’t everyone’s idea of a picnic and this snow leopard quest certainly had some extreme highs and lows if you’ll forgive the pun. Massive thanks to Ashley, Rob, Christine, Ginnie, Robert, Michal, Derek, Lee, Linden and Lesley for being so utterly brilliant on this trip – both individually and as a group. We’ve just returned to Delhi ahead of our tiger trip which starts tomorrow so a slight change of habitat from the beautiful Himalayas to the heat of Ranthambore. Time is very limited at the mo, so for now there’s just a few pics below from our Himalaya adventure – a place I’ve fallen utterly in love with and yearn to return. Future trips to Ladakh, Nepal and Bhutan are all somewhere in the very long pipeline so please contact me here to register any advanced interest in such wonderful wanders.

Snow leopard

Himalayas Ladakh

Snow leopard quest

Blue Sheep

Snow leopard quest Ladakh

Prayer flags Himilayas

Himalayas India