Why I love Uganda

Uganda landscape photography

With 18 primate species including mountain gorillas & chimpanzees and over a 1000 bird species Uganda is a wildlife haven but it’s also a great place for landscapes too. There’s more info on my future Uganda gorilla holidays here or scroll down below for a few landscape photos from this lush green land.

Uganda landscape photographyThe Virunga volcano range.

Bwndi Impentrable forestA heart shaped glimpse of the gorgeous Bwindi Impenetrable forest on our journey ever nearer to the mountain gorillas.

Uganda landscape photographyLake Bunyonyi  

Eagles nest MburoEagle’s Nest tented camp, Lake Mburo National Park

The start of one of our mountain gorilla treks near to Bwindi.

Landscape photography UgandaSunrise over tea plantations Kibale.

Tea plantations Uganda

hippopotamus in ugandaHippo pool at sunset in Queen Elizabeth National park

Lake Mburo national park UgandaSunrise over Lake Mburo National Park.

Uganda landscape photography

Uganda landscape photography

Murchison Falls UgandaMurchison Falls

Kidepo national park Uganda campingCamping in Kidepo national park.