Wildlife photography holidays & workshops

I run a number of wildlife photography holidays and workshops along with Sussex photography courses and one-on-one photography training. If you’d like to be kept updated with future wildlife tours then my contact page here has a newsletter which you can sign up to. Below the thumbnails there’s more info about the ethos behind these trips.

Wildlife photography holidays – a general flavour

What’s it like coming on wildlife photography holidays with me ? If you haven’t travelled with me before, I could tell you anything here. Maybe pop in the occasional word like inspirational or the odd cliche such as trip of a lifetime. Instead, it might be better to give you some feedback from a few people who’ve been on past trips which you’ll see below. I’m really grateful for the many friendships which have stemmed from guiding wildlife holidays over the last 15 years. Spending time with like minded people immersed in nature is a huge honour.

Positive travel

Travelling in a small group, we’ll learn together in a positive and creative way. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at with your photography. Far more important is a love of nature and a sense of humour. One of the expressions I love in life is ‘unencumbered by experience’ and I believe we should all try and view things as a beginner if we can.

I regularly lead wildlife photography holidays to places where I have an intimate knowledge of the wildlife and area. But just as importantly, I’ve also forged positive relationships with local communities and guides which guarantees you’ll get incredibly intimate wildlife sightings.  I think it’s important to contribute to the nature and local communities we visit and as such I make regular donations from my trips to The Orangutan Foundation, Gorilla Doctors and The Jane Goodall Institute. Over the last 15 years we’ve raised tens of £1000’s for various conservation projects and we’ll see some of these on different trips. By having close partnerships with conservation ventures we also get access to places sometimes off limits to general visitors.

So I can promise you that my wildlife photography holidays will be inspirational and always great fun. But trip of a lifetime ? No, that’s aiming too low.  Let’s strive to make our entire lives the trip of a lifetime. After all,  we’re basically spinning around at great speeds on a lump of rock orbiting an insignificant star. Our sun is one of about 400 billion other stars in our galaxy and there are roughly 200 billion galaxies in the universe. I digress really, but my point is we may as well have some fun along the way ?

Wildlife photography holidays – testimonials

“We are both quite experienced travellers, used to planning our own trips, but never in a million years could we have assembled a trip like this, such a range & depth of experience in quite a compressed period, truly inspirational” Peter and Jenny Barham

” Ian is a great guide with a vast knowledge of the wildlife and the local culture. Moreover, his warmth and kindness meant that by the time we’d finished our Uganda holiday our group had bonded so well that it was like leaving old friends. In fact we’re planning a reunion in Canada next year. Our mountain gorilla trek especially was absolutely mind-blowing and one I will never forget. To top it off Ian introduced me to Jane Goodall – possibly making this the best trip ever ! Thank you so much for an utterly awe-inspiring experience. I look forward to another adventure together in the near future. ” Carolyn Thompson

 ” This was my second trip with Ian having been with him to Borneo to see the orangutans two years ago. Our chimpanzee and mountain gorilla encounters were intimate and inspiring but we also saw a huge range of other wildlife during our time in Uganda. Hippos, elephants, buffalo, Red Colobus monkeys, Black & white Colobus monkeys, Vervets, Baboons, Red Tailed monkeys. The Shoebill and so many other birds that I lost count. Inspiring ! ” Linden Crowley

” I’ve been fortunate enough to travel extensively in many different countries but I have to say this was the best trip I’ve ever done. Amazing wildlife experiences in a lovely country with lovely people.” Venetia Caine

“A wonderful combination of brilliant photographic opportunities and meeting new friends. Having a holiday where you can relax in beautiful surroundings, learn a new skill and take away some wonderful memories. What could be better, thank you so much.” Gill and Andy Tarrant

“This trip enabled me to get a sound knowledge of my first digital camera and the one-to-one tuition gave me the confidence to experiment with different camera settings. It was a relaxing way to photograph wildlife with a small friendly group of people.” Colin Williams

“Ian’s trip would have to rank up there as one the best things I have ever done. To be in the presence of these wonderful animals is a memory to be treasured always and to learn so much from one so committed to the animals and his photography was an added bonus.” Barbara Hagger

“Lifetime ambition achieved ! A great small group holiday getting closer to orangutans than we ever thought whilst learning how to use our cameras properly. We have already and will in the future recommend you to others.” Tim and Kathy Burrows

“A wonderful trip. I learnt so much and came back inspired; not just to take better photos but also to do something to help save these incredible animals.” Elaine Clueit, England

“For me, this was a holiday made in heaven. Thanks to Ian’s patient tuition, I learned how to use my new digital camera by spending so many hours in the company of orangutans. ” Valerie Shipp England

“Thank you so much for your patient photography tuition and your wildlife knowledge. Seeing all those orangutans with real hope for the future was beautiful and touching.” Sophy Gilmore

“It was incredibly special to see so many orangutans and other species living happy and free in the rainforest. Ian’s knowledge of the wildlife and his relationships with local people made the experience easy, enjoyable and unforgettable.” Liz Vagg

” I’m on my way back from Uganda after seeing the most amazing wildlife in my entire life with the highlight being the mountain gorillas. I feel so very humble from this experience and so incredibly happy. ” Gillian Read