Booze for Boris

Me and a few mates have started a regular Tuesday night Booze for Boris campaign which is starting to catch on nationwide. If you’re opposed to the muppet running our country, stand outside your house at 8pm every Tuesday and raise a glass to a booze for Boris. A humorous way to stage a protest about this incompetent dangerous fool. Each and every Tuesday until the liar is not PM anymore, when we’ll be having a rather large party. Our video below from last Tuesday shows people all over the UK  a boozing for Boris. Enjoy


Booze for Boris

Why are we doing this ? Because many people in the UK think Boris Johnson is a dangerous fool and shouldn’t be running a pub let alone a country. His bumbling incompetence has led to more deaths from Covid 19 than any country in the world apart from the USA led by Boris’s mate Trump.

Lies of Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has a track record of lying . He has been sacked from two jobs for lying – once from the Times newspaper and once by the Conservative party for denying yet another affair. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to see a list of lies from this dangerous man then this link is an excellent resource.

Boos for Boris get involved

So what can you do ?

1) Share our Youtube video

2) Step outside your house every Tuesday and Booze for Boris   Please keep your Booze for Boris humourous – the idea is a peaceful funny protest, not just hurling abuse on your doorstep.

3) If you want to film your clips keep your phone horizontal not vertical and add them on any social media you use with the hash tag #boozeforboris

4) Write to your PM telling them exactly why you disapprove of Boris Johnson. Not sure who you MP is ? This find your MP link will sort that out.