12 photos from 2023

Twelve photos from this past year that meant something to me …

The light slowly returns and the snowdrops celebrate.

In January it was time to head back to see how the mountain gorillas are doing and a privilege to see this very young ape.

February back in Ndutu, Tanzania

Which as always was cat tastic.

March and this Great Bustard was awarded highly commended in the British wildlife photography awards. 

A late Spring with some lovely bad weather …

A day photographing in winds so strong I couldn’t stand, but rewarded with this shot where the light looks like there is a face on the wave. 

This year I’ve started using the OM System’s OM1 along with their 90mm macro lens to delve into the world of extreme macro. 

October time brought me back to beautiful Komodo where I was mainly photographing underwater but loved the fruit bats at full moon. Over 300,000 took to the air from a very small mangrove island one evening at full moon. 

I’ve been photographing a dominant male orangutan called Doyok for many years in Borneo but when I returned in Nov he had sadly passed away. Doyok made old bones for a wild orangutan and the cycle of life goes on. This was my first sighting of the new king of the jungle in that part of the forest. A stunning animal in his prime of life.