Darwin Wolf Galapagos dive report

I’ve recently had the utter pleasure of diving at Darwin & Wolf islands in the Galapagos. Latest scientific research has found that there is a biomass of 17.5 tons of sharks per hectare here making it the sharkiest place on our lovely planet by some way. It’s also the largest marine park on earth so a sanctuary for many species including Hammerheads, Galapagos & Silky sharks. I’ve been blessed to have several 1000 dives over the last 30 years but I would have to rate this as the best place I’ve ever dived by some way.  Just such an over load of sharks, whalesharks, fish, rays, dolphins etc that whenever I go to sleep my brain replays the images with beautiful fishy dreams. In March 2024 I’m planning to charter a small dive boat so if you’d like to dive these incredible waters then contact me here for more info. Just a few of the many highlights are on the brief video clip below. 

For people who don’t dive I’ll also be running a one off island hopping Galapagos trip in Feb 2024 which will include several days on a boat too. The snorkelling in the Galapagos is the best I’ve ever seen with daily encounters with sealions, turtles, penguins etc virtually guaranteed. The video clip below shows some of my recent encounters here during easy snorkelling.  More info here.