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12 photos from 2023

Twelve photos from this past year that meant something to me … The light slowly returns and the snowdrops celebrate. In January it was time to head back to see how the mountain gorillas are doing and a privilege to see this very young ape. February back in Ndutu, Tanzania … Which as always was […]

Orangutan photography tour Borneo

Orangutan photography tour

Thanks so much to Amanda, Carol, Heather, Jennifer, Barry, Judy, Paul & Christine for being such great company on my recent Borneo orangutan photography tour.  I’ve been running these trips for many years now and I’m delighted that they’ve contributed tens of £1000s to The Orangutan Foundation. Their work is utterly inspiring to ensure that […]

OM1 camera wildlife photography review

OM1 wildlife photography review

OM1 wildlife photography review I’ve recently been field testing OM system’s OM1 camera in Borneo during my latest orangutan fundraising trip. Here’s a short clip of some of the results all taken hand held from my boat in Borneo. Below that you’ll find some more images and thoughts about using the OM1 for wildlife photography.  […]

manta ray Komodo snorkelling

Komodo dive report

The diving in Komodo is still world class with wonderful opportunities to see manta rays, turtles, sharks and so much more. I dived with Scuba Junkies  who I highly recommend as being a lovely friendly dive resort in the perfect place to access all the great dive sites.  

Baby orangutan Tanjung Puting

Orangutan babies

Orangutan babies A few random photos of orangutan babies taken on my Borneo Orangutan fundraising holidays. Orangutans are one of the animals that humans can relate to so if we can't ensure a long term future for these peaceful vegetarians then I think there is little hope for the wider world. Although the overall picture [...]
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Proboscis monkey photos

Proboscis monkey photos Proboscis monkeys are endemic to the low lying coastal swamps of Borneo. One of the most important population thrives in Tanjung Puting national park where you'll see so many that it's easy to forget quite how endangered these primates are. Every evening, small groups gather in the tree tops next to a [...]
Brown bear photography snow Finland

Bear photography Finland

Just recently returned from northern Finland where brown bears are emerging into the snow from their winter hibernation. What an utter pleasure to sit in a hide for 16 hours each night waiting to see what pops out of the forest !   

Great Bustard Stonehenge

British wildlife photography

I had 3 images reach the finals of the British wildlife photography awards this year with the Great Bustard I photographed at Stonehenge being awarded highly commended in the Habitat category. 

Darwin Wolf Galapagos dive report

I’ve recently had the utter pleasure of diving at Darwin & Wolf islands in the Galapagos. Latest scientific research has found that there is a biomass of 17.5 tons of sharks per hectare here making it the sharkiest place on our lovely planet by some way. It’s also the largest marine park on earth so […]

Mobile phone photography Samsung

Mobile phone photography Samsung

I’ve been working on an interesting commission for Samsung recently using their S22 Ultra phone for nocturnal wildlife photography.  It’s groundbreaking for photography on a mobile phone and takes decent photos even in low light. Below is a Youtube clip of the phone in action along with a few photos I’ve taken on it recently. 

Male lion Ndutu Tanzania

Tanzania big cat safari

I’ve just returned from this year’s Tanzania big cat safari which as usual was utterly cat tastic. A few shots below, starting with the cats of course. There’s info about my future big cat safaris here.  Ndutu is a great place to watch tree climbing lions and we had some lovely encounters with them using […]

12 photos from 2021

I think I’ve taken more photos during 2021 than in any other year, making it hard to choose just 12. But that’s always my aim as photographer; to try and take 1 photo each month that means something to me.  Ice ice baby. I loved the cold snap we had last January and finding these […]

Elephant time lapse

I’ve been in Tsavo West national park, Kenya, recently where I had the pleasure of spending a couple of nights with 100s and 100s of elephants coming to drink from this watering hole during the night. Here’s a few clips of a time lapse I filmed of some of them.  

Zebra camera trap

Zebra camera trap video

I’m currently in Tsavo National park, Kenya, experimenting with a camera trap to get some unusual angles on wildlife but wasn’t expecting this ! A zebra kicked over my camera – leaving it facing up – while other ones passed over the top of it, missing the lens by millimetres with their hooves.   

Milky way arch

What were the stars like ?

I’ve been parked up in my camper van for a while in a place with zero light pollution so last night took two photos with same composition. One shows the Milky Way arch and the other is a 3.5 hour exposure which shows the star trails where our planet has rotated in that time. 

Common seal underwater

Inquisitive seal

Time and internet connection are a wee tad limited at the mo but I’ve recently had one of the most incredible wildlife encounters of my life. A Harbour seal on a remote bay which became more and more inquisitive; rolling  with me, coming face to face and then after about 20 minutes when it tired […]

Virgina McKenna elephant print

Virginia McKenna elephant print

Virginia McKenna OBE and co-founder of Born Free is ninety on Thursday 10th June 2021. There’s a free online event to mark this occasion which starts at 6.30 pm (GMT) on 10th June. Hosted by Virginia’s son Will Travers OBE and Born Free patron & broadcaster Nicky Cambell OBE. All are welcome and any funds […]

Sussex seascape photography

Seascape photography Sussex

“There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” Saray kay A few recent seascape shots from Sussex … I’m pleased too announce a couple of dates for my next Sussex seascape photography workshops … more info here. 

Chimp Eden South Africa

I recently got invited on a virtual tour of Jane Goodall’s Chimp Eden which is a chimpanzee rescue centre in South Africa. The funds raised from my chimpanzee limited edition prints are helping to buy some more land there. If you’d like your own virtual tour of this incredible project then contact me here and […]

Starling murmuration Brighton freeze frame

I’ve been on a major starling mission recently in Somerset where some nights well over a million starlings have come out to play … and then on my way back home this happend. One of the best starling murmurations I’ve ever seen. I filmed it and edited it using a technique to layer the different […]