Galapagos photography tour

A few photos from my recent Galapagos photography tour starting with sea lions.  Info about future Galapagos photography holidays is here

Galapagos photography tour sealions

Sea lions are such beautiful animals and I could watch them for hours. We always see so many every day on my Galapagos photography tour on the beaches and in the water during snorkelling trips. 

Seal ions snorkelling Isabela Galapagos

A few clips of snorkelling on this Galapoagos photography tour are here. 

Sea lion lava lizard Galapagos

Sealion photography Galapagos

photography tour Galapagos islands

Galapagos photography tour

A spot of photo bombing with a great blue heron wandering into shot. 

Galapagos bird photography

So many lovely encounters with Pacific green turtles while we were snorkelling. 

Green turtles Galapagos

Pacific green turtle GalapagosBird life on these beautiful islands as ever was spectacular. 

Galapagos pelicans Isabel island

Blue footed booby heaven …

Blue footed Boobies Galapagos

Isabel island Galapagos

Tortuga bay Galapagos

Although like most of the wildlife here they can sometimes even be too close to photograph … 

Galapagos flycatcher

Like these Galapagos Flycatchers which we had an extraordinary encounter with one morning where they seemed to be curious of their reflections in people’s cameras. 

Flightless Cormorant Galapagos

Flightless Cormorants are just one of many endemic species in the Galapagos with beautiful turquoise eyes. 

Galapagos photography tour birds

Flightless Cormorant Galapagos

There’s different species of giant tortoise on various  islands here and we had great encounters on Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Christobal. 

giant tortoise Galapagos photography tour

Land iguana Galapagos

Iguanas are a daily part of life in the Galapagos with both marine and land species. Below are some clips of marine Iguanas on the beautiful empty beaches here. 

Galapagos photography tours

Lava lizards are a common sight in the Galapagos again with different species on various island. 

Lava lizard Galapagos

Galapagos wildlife photography lava lizard

Photography tour Galapagos lava lizardSome great sightings of Frigate birds with their mating display on Isla Lobos. 

Frigate birds displaying Galapagos

Frigate birds Galapagos

I could go on forever as we had so many lovely wildlife encounters on this trip but Spring is Springing back in UK and time to head into the garden. I’m planning another Galapagos trip for December 2025 – more info here