Lessons of life from my dogs

Lessons of life from my dogs … some random thoughts.

1) Appreciate every encounter as if it’s the very first or last time that you’ll have it.

2) Live in the present, sod the past and don’t worry about the future.

3) No matter what happens in life, just kick some grass over your shit and move on..

4) If you can’t find what you’re looking for … dig until you find it.

5) Stretch when you get up in the morning and take plenty of naps.

6) No matter what the weather, a walk is always a pleasure. (scroll below photo to see some more)

7) Just be yourself … life is far too short for bullshit.

8) If someone is stressed or angry, help them chill out by gently nuzzling.

9) When loved ones return home, always welcome their arrival with joy.

10) When it’s warm and sunny, take time out to lie on the grass.

11) No matter what age you are, always find time to play.

12) Poo where you want to, someone will usually sort it out … mmm maybe not all dog life lessons are ideal.

13) If you’re in trouble, keep a low profile until the vibes improves.

14) Protect your loved ones. (sent via Twitter from Laurinha)

15) If you’re happy, don’t be afraid to share it. (sent via Twitter from Laurinha)

16) If it looks suspicious sniff it. (sent via Twitter from Laurinha)

“Although I think the greatest lessons my dogs have taught me are forgiveness and appreciation for what you do have.” Also from Laurinha … thanks !