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Great Ape Charity auction prints –

This online charity auction ended at midnight GMT on 14th November and raised a total of £7426 so massive thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to people who bought them who we’ll contact after 16th Nov to arrange delivery etc. The full range of great ape prints signed by me can be seen here and will remain on sale with 25% of proceeds from these also goes to Gorilla Doctors, Jane Goodall Institute and the Orangutan Foundation UK.

I’m pleased to announce a new range of limited edition fine art Great Ape prints. The 1st edition of a baby mountain gorilla has been signed by Sir David Attenborough; a 1st edition of a chimpanzee print by Dr Jane Goodall DBE and a 1st edition orangutan print by Ashley Leiman OBE. These prints are available to bid on in an online charity auction here. All of the proceeds from the auction go to Gorilla Doctors, The Jane Goodall Institute UK and Orangutan Foundation UK respectively. If you want to talk to me directly about these you can contact me here. An exhibition of the full range of Great Ape prints will be held at the Lucy Bell Gallery, St Leonards on Sea, Sussex from 17th Oct to 14th November.

Attenborough gorilla printInnocence To bid on this item click here

A juvenile mountain gorilla from the Kahungye group in Bwindi Impenetrable forest, Uganda. His inquisitiveness got the better of him and he came and sat on a branch for a couple of minutes less than two metres from me to observe his human visitor.


Jane Goodall chimpanzee printHope  To bid on this item click here

A young chimpanzee I photographed in Gombe National park, Tanzania which is where Dr Jane Goodall first went to study these animals sixty years ago. The chimpanzees in Gombe now represent the longest continuous field study of any wild animal.



Wise man of the forest  To bid on this item click here

A close encounter with this wild male Borneo orangutan in Lamandau wildlife reserve, Kalimantan, Indonesia. This area of forest offers real hope for the future and is where the Orangutan Foundation’s forest regeneration program takes place with tens of 1000s of new trees planted.

More info about the rest of the range of Great Ape prints is here.

Huge thanks to the BBC for covering this idea

And a lovely message from Dr Benard from beautiful Uganda ..


Recently people have been sending me photos of the prints in their homes so huge thanks for these … lovely to see them hanging !