Komodo dragon snorkelling tour

A few days ago we finished my 2019 Komodo dragon, manta ray and turtle snorkelling tour where I chartered a lovely boat for a week for our wander around this gorgeous marine park. Massive thanks to Pat, Steve, Nancy, Joe, Michal, Rob and Chris for being part of such a beautiful trip – a few photos are below along with a short video clip with some highlights from a day here.  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll confirm the dates for my 2020 Komodo trip – more info on these is here.

Padar island Komodo

Sunset at Padar island is one of the places we always visit on my Komodo dragon snorkelling tour.

manta ray Komodo snorkelling

A quite spectacular day where we moored up at Manta point. Early morning we saw 16 manta rays and then later in the afternoon we spent nearly two hours with another 4 manta rays surrounding us.

A huge Komodo dragon on Rinca island walked right past us while we were walking on this island.

manta ray Komodo snorkelling

This year I chartered the lovely Floresta boat for our stay in Komodo marine park which has comfortable on-suite double cabins and plenty of deck space to chill.

Komodo dragon snorkelling tour

Labuan Bajo Komodo

Room with a view – our hotel in Labuan Bajo.

wae rebo village

We spent three days on land after coming back from sea including staying the night in the beautiful Wae Rebo village.

Rinca village Komodo

A visit to the village on Rinca island …

Dried fish Rinca island

Followed by a impromptu game of football which I was extremely unlucky to get totally stuffed in (thanks to Nancy for the photo !)

Komodo green turtle

Komodo marine park has such an abundance of Green and Hawksbill sea turtles that I lost count of how many we saw snorkelling here.  There’s an easy guide to tell the difference between these two turtle species here.

White Rumped kingfisher Komodo

We saw plenty of birds on this trip including the Collared kingfisher above and the white bellied fish eagle below.

White bellied fish eagle Komodo

sunset Komodo Flores