Tanzania big cat safari

I’ve just returned from this year’s Tanzania big cat safari which as usual was utterly cat tastic. A few shots below, starting with the cats of course. There’s info about my future big cat safaris here. 

big cat safari Tanzania

lions Ndutu Tanzania

Ndutu lion pride Tanzania

Male lion Ndutu Tanzania

Tanzania big cat safari

Ndutu is a great place to watch tree climbing lions and we had some lovely encounters with them using trees to shelter during the heat of the day. 

Cheetahs Tarangire Tanzania

Cheetah Ndutu Tanzania

Big cats Tanzania Cheetah

Cheetah Ndutu Tanzania

Cheetah big cats Tanzania

A minor delay driving through the Ndutu/Serengeti plains …

Leopard Ngorogoro Crater

Leopard Tarangire National Park

Leopard Baobab tree

I always try and make sure I’m the first vehicle in the famous Ngorongoro crater on these trips and this year we had a lovely sighting of a Serval crossing the road and then wandering off into the bush. 

Serval cat Ngorongoro

Serval cat Ndutu

We had so many lovely wildlife encounters that I could go on forever. But the weather is far too nice to be on my computer, so I’ll finish with a few random other shots from this trip. There’s info about my future Tanzania big cat safaris here

Tarangire Baobab giraffe

Elephants Tarangire national park

baby elephant Tarangire

Elephant close up Tarangire

Tarangire balloon safaris

Rhino Ngorongoro crater

Giraffes tarangire Tanzania

Verreaux's eagle-owl

Zebras Ndutu Tanzania

Lilac Breasted Roller

Red billed Hornbill

Wildebeest Ndutu Tanzania