Waiting for the light

There are two particular pleasures of landscape photography that I just love, love, love. One is the walk to get to a particular vantage point and the other the meditative chance to just breathe and wait for the light. Last Friday I ran a Sussex one-on-one photography day with Colin where we explored the Seven Sister’s coastline together. The weather recently in Sussex has been beautiful and we spent the first couple of hours down on the ‘secret’ beach at the bottom of Beachy Head. Later in the afternoon when we moved up and along towards Birling Gap a sea mist came out of nowhere and enshrouded the whole area in dense cloud. Bad weather can be good weather with landscape photography so we waited along the top of the cliff just in case it cleared. Below are a couple of photos taken when it finally lifted and then I’ve also put another image or two I’ve shot along this stretch of coast when waiting for the light.

Beachy Head

Beachyhead Sussex

Beachyhead lighthouse

Beachyhead lighthouse Sussex