Chimpanzees Gombe Stream

As part of a current upgrade to a new phone I’ve been having a major video sort out and just came across the clips below from one of my Gombe National park trips a while ago. Just love the expression on my friend’s faces when some of the chimps take them by surprise and pass by this close ! Last year was the 60th anniversary since Dr Jane Goodall first went to Gombe to study our closest relatives. Research still continues in Gombe now making this the longest continous study of any wild animal. My limited edition great ape prints were launched to raise funds for the Jane Goodall Institute, Gorilla Doctors and Orangutan Foundation and to date we’ve donated £9000 to these three NGO’s from this project. People have ordered them from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Ireland and Germany and we can easily securely send them to anywhere on our rather lovely planet with 25% of all proceeds going to various conseravtion projects. Full info is here.

Huge thanks to the BBC for covering the launch of my great ape prints.