Twelve photos from 2020

I know lots of people have had a tough year so if you’ve been affected by the world’s events than my heart goes out to you and I wish you well for the coming age of Aquarius.  I’ve been lucky and 2020 has been an utterly special year for me.. Here’s 12 photos in no particular order that meant something to me over this period.

Tanzania photography tour elephant

A Bull elephant at Sunrise in Tarangire, Tanzania.

Tanzania photography tour lion cubs

A lovely encounter with three young lion cubs in Ndutu, Tanzania.

Attenborough gorilla print

It was an honour for Sir David Attenborough, Dr Jane Goodall DBE and Ashley Leiman OBE to sign these three 1st edition great ape prints. We auctioned them off and they raised over £7500 for the Orangutan Foundation, Jane goodall Institute and Gorilla Doctors. The full range of 13 great ape limited edition prints cand be seen here and 25% from all proceeds from those also goes to these three NGOs.

Jane Goodall chimpanzee print


Below is the BBC news feature on my new great ape prints

Somethng closer to home with a Herring Gull flying across the supermoon in March.

Sussex wildlife photography fox

A fox reflected in my watering hole.

badger photography Sussex cub

Mum and baby badger in my garden.

Morning dew macro photography

Flying free with the storm

wildlife photograpjhy Sussex

Photo bombed by gulls.

And to finish a sunrise in sunny Sussex.