Mobile phone landscape photography

Recently I was asked to run a Sussex photography workshop using someone’s new phone. It’s been beautiful here in Sussex since I returned from my travels but the weather broke the day before our workshop leaving us with a largely cloudy day. Below are a few photos raken with the Samsung S10E which is hugely impressive in what it can do.

Even in pretty poor overcast light the colours and depth of field are pretty dam fine for a phone.

And the super wide angle setting is also very impressive.

Even in poor light the panorama setting worked well.

So time to give up lugging heavy camera gear around the world ? Well not quite; but the best camera is the one that you have with you and I’m probably using either a phone or a Gopro for about 10% of my photography these days.  In fact a couple of years ago my most successful images that year were taken on my Gopro using a remote connection to my phone. 

Orangutan selfie photograph

Sold to over 30 newspapers and magazines around the world !There’s a link here to an article on this.