Borneo orangutan trip report Nov 2016

Orangutan photography trip to Tajung Puting national park – November 2016

When people first enquire about joining a Borneo orangutan photography trip with me I send some general info out where I describe these holidays like a group of friends sharing an incredible experience together. This happened so quickly on this tour so massive thanks to Michal, Jemma, Andy-1, Celsey, Andy-2, Christine (back for her 3rd trip with me) and Pat. We had special permission to visit Lamandua with Ashley Leiman, director of The Orangutan Foundation, which is completely off limits to visitors normally and seeing this beautiful area of forest was one of the highlights along with the journey down an array of rivers to get there. I’m in Flores now working with manta rays and Komodo dragons and internet access is limited. I’ve just chosen a few random images from our week below. As always we had intimate orangutan sightings on a daily basis but I’ve resisted the temptation to just put orangutan photos up. You might also like this link which has a a few photos of baby orangutans taken on these trips.  You can find more information about my future Borneo orangutan holidays here and there’s also some positive news about an orangutan release and a new orangutan book I have coming out in March on my previous trip report which is here.

“Wow…. this trip had everything. It was great fun, educational, exhilarating, humbling, amazing food, stunning scenery, great company and unbelievable wildlife. The memories I made will stay with me forever.  ” Jemma Atkins