Baby orangutan photos

Below are a few baby orangutan photos taken on my Borneo orangutan tours to Tanjung Puting national park. Every year I run a couple of  Borneo orangutan fundraising trips in partnership with the Orangutan Foundation. Here we spend time observing and photographing orangutans and other wildlife thriving in this area. There’s also another blog page here with more orangutan baby photos.

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Baby orangutan photos – a few facts and images

Orangutans are one of the best mother’s in the natural world with their offspring dependent on them for about eight years.

Baby orangutan photos Borneo

Orangutans have the longest birth interval of any mammal;  a baby is only born about once every eight years which makes them vulnerable to extinction.

baby orangutan breasfeeding

Orangutans sometimes still breastfeed up to about eight years old although they usually ween after about four years.

baby orangutan photos Borneo

Baby orangutans don’t leave their mother’s side for the first year, quickly learning to cling on using their arms and legs.

Mum baby orangutan photo Borneo

Observing the close relationship between a mother and baby orangutan is one of nature’s great wildlife experiences.

baby orangutan Tanjung Puting

Part of the mother’s role is to teach her offspring which food is edible. Here, her youngster was about three years old and had strayed slightly too far away for its mother’s liking. I found it amusing how the mother tried to tell it off to get the look back; ‘but you unconditionally love me ?’

orangutan baby Borneo

After a downpour in the forest this baby orangutan left it’s mother’s side to come and have a closer look. On inspection you can actually see the reflection of me taking her photo in its eyes. This image was chosen as the front cover for The Orangutan’s Worlda photographic celebration of Borneo wildlife.

Baby orangutan photos – Borneo photography tour

Below are just a small selection of baby orangutan photos taken on my last Borneo orangutan fundraising trip. More photos from this trip can be seen here. If you’d like to come on a future Borneo orangutan photography tour then further detals of these trips are here.

orangutan breast feeding

Orangutan photography tour baby orangutans playing

orangutan photography tour Borneo

Borneo baby orangutan