Proboscis monkey jumping

Proboscis monkey jumping

One of the joys of observing Proboscis monkeys is watching them make their giant leaps of faith. Hurling themselves from branches and flying through the air before crash landing onto their next destination. During my annual Borneo orangutan tours to Tanjung Puting national park we see daily sightings of these primates which are endemic to Borneo. Here’s a few photos of them in action – all taken on these trips. More detailed information about the ecology of Proboscis monkeys can be found here.

Proboscis monkey leapingProboscis monkey mum and baby jumping

Proboscis monkey river

Sometimes Probocsis monkeys make spectacular leaps into the rivers to cross to the other side – there’s more information about this behaviour here.

Proboscis monkey leaping from treeMale Proboscis monkey jumping and flying through the air.

Baby Proboscis monkey leaping from treeYoung Proboscis monkey leaping from tree

Proboscis monkey leaping in airFlying high up in the sky …

Proboscis monkey leaping Borneo

Proboscis monkey jumping from tree