Badger photography

I’ve had a very interesting new commission to photograph an animal that has never been properly photographed in the wild before. I’ve designed a whole remote DSLR camera trap system with several off camera flashes that are all weather proofed enough to live in a tropical rain forest for many weeks. Luckily I own some land very near my house where there’s a badger set and which foxes also regularly visit, meaning I can test all the gear every night and experiment with various remote lighting techniques.

Badger photography Sussex

Here’s a few shots from last few days where I’ve been playing around with a number of different remote flash techniques. In order to study the badgers and foxes who I see every night I’ve given them names to help identify them – I have Boris the Badger as that one is quite portly, cunning Cummings the fox and Hancock the fox as that one is lame.

badger photography Sussex cub

The extremely dry Spring we had this year caused problems for a few animals including badgers who sometimes struggle to find enough water so I made a watering hole for them this year.

badger photography Sussex

With drinking water in such short supply I even had the rare sighting of a fox and badger at extremely close quarters to each other.

urban badger sussex

badger photography sussex

badger photography Sussex

Sussex badger photography

Fox photography Sussex

One of the delightful spin offs of photographing badgers is that you’ll almost certainly get photos too of foxy whiskered gentlemen. Mum and cub below come through my back garden every night. I grow an enormous amount of fruit and vegetables in my garden and I’m always amazed how delicately the foxes tread and virtually never break any plants.

Fox photography Sussex

Sussex fox photography

fox photography Sussex

Below is a shot when I set my camera system up to just photograph the water.

Sussex wildlife photography fox

And here’s a fox photograph experimenting with back lit flash.

fox photography Sussex