November 29 2019
manta ray Komodo snorkelling

Komodo dragon snorkelling tour

A few days ago we finished my 2019 Komodo dragon, manta ray and turtle snorkelling tour where I chartered a lovely boat for a week for our wander around this gorgeous marine park. Massive thanks to Pat, Steve, Nancy, Joe, Michal, Rob and Chris for being part of such a beautiful trip – a few […]

November 16 2019

Manta rays Hanifaru

Manta rays Hanifaru No animal on earth – including birds – flies quite as gracefully as a Manta Ray. I’ve been fascinated with these highly intelligent creatures for over 20 year’s now and have been humbled to be in their presence in many different places. There’s a few Manta Ray photos below along with a […]

November 16 2019
Borneo orangutan photography tour

Borneo orangutan photography tour

We’ve just finished our November 2019 Borneo orangutan photography tour which was simply divine. Sharing intimate wildlife experiences with a bunch of thoroughly nice people is such a pleasure. I’m in Komodo now and head out into the ocean tomorrow to see my manta ray friends. Massive thanks to Georgi, Rob, Nancy, Joe, Hannah, Liana, […]

November 05 2019
Proboscis monkey jumping in river

Proboscis monkey jumping into river

It took me approximately 20 years to take the photo below of a Proboscis monkey jumping into a river. I’ve got plenty of near misses over the years but I’ve always had an aim to capture the exact moment that one made contact with the water with a reflection. The problem is having an idea […]

October 30 2019
Orangutan photography tour

Orangutan photography tour

We’ve just finished my October orangutan photography tour which yielded some extraordinary close encounters with these great apes. Massive thanks to Robin, Sara, Liz, Kate, Michael, Catherine, Greg, Cara and Anysley for being such fabalous company during our Borneo adventure. Time is a tad limited at the mo but here’s a few shots from this […]

October 11 2019
Baby orangutan Tanjung Puting

Orangutan babies

Orangutan babies A few random photos of orangutan babies taken on my Borneo Orangutan fundraising holidays. Orangutans are one of the animals that humans can relate to so if we can't ensure a long term future for these peaceful vegetarians then I think there is little hope for the wider world. Although the overall picture [...]
October 07 2019
Baby orangutan photos Borneo

Baby orangutan photos

Below are a few baby orangutan photos taken on my Borneo orangutan tours to Tanjung Puting national park. Every year I run a couple of  Borneo orangutan fundraising trips in partnership with the Orangutan Foundation. Here we spend time observing and photographing orangutans and other wildlife thriving in this area. There's also another blog page [...]
August 06 2019

A few photos from beautiful Peru

Time is a tad limted at the mo, so I haven’t had a chance to write a trip report yet from our recent Peru photography holiday. A massive heartfelt thanks to Ginnie, Robert, Barbara, Linden, Russell, Jo and Michal for being so lovely and such a pleasure to travel with. I’ll put a few photos […]

August 06 2019

Mobile phone landscape photography

Recently I was asked to run a Sussex photography workshop using someone’s new phone. It’s been beautiful here in Sussex since I returned from my travels but the weather broke the day before our workshop leaving us with a largely cloudy day. Below are a few photos raken with the Samsung S10E which is hugely […]

June 24 2019
Rainbow mountain Peru

Rainbow Mountain Peru

Rainbow mountain in Peru is one of the most incredible geological features on our lovely planet.  People who live in this unique valley bring offerings as this area is considered a holy place. I climbed Rainbow mountain on my last Peru photography holiday and was utterly blown away by the beauty of this area. More info […]

June 09 2019
Condors Colca canyon Peru

Condors Colca canyon Peru

Condors rising on morning thermals are a regular feature of  the Colca canyon in Peru. Almost twice as deep as the Grand canyon, this rift is a jaw droppingly beautiful part of southern Peru and at certain times of year condors are all but guaranteed. Photos below are all from our trip there as part […]

May 31 2019
Peru frog

How to photograph frogs

I'm currently in final preparations to head back to Peru which is home to the Manu biosphere. The Manu area of the Amazon is the most biodiverse place on our lovely planet with over a 1000 bird species, 13 types of primates and of course lots and lots of frogs. As someone who likes to [...]
April 25 2019
Dungeness Beach photography

Dungeness Beach photography

Today has been such a stunningly beautiful day in south east England for photography. Mainly vibrant blue skies but with the very occassional moody storm passing through. Black and white photography was the order of the day today and here’s a few photos from our shoot on Dungeness beach.

April 05 2019
India tiger photography

Tiger Photography India

Tiger photography India – March 19th to 30th 2019 trip report ” Hi Ian a quick email to say thanks so much for organising our tiger trip. An amazing experience that I am not sure photos or words can ever truly portray to others – memories made that will remain with me forever. Roll on […]

March 17 2019
Petra photography advice treasury sunhine

Petra photography advice

Armed with some Petra photography advice, hopefully this blog will give you some ideas to maximise your photography experience here. Like most iconic settings on our lovely planet Petra is definitely worth the effort to visit and I thoroughly enjoyed my recent trip. But it’s useful to know when, where and how to get away […]

February 08 2019
Nikon 500mm pf lens wildlife photography

Nikon 500mm pf lens wildlife photography

Nikon 500mm PF lens – a game changer During my recent Uganda mountain gorilla photography tour I had my first chance to test Nikon’s 500mm 5.6 PF lens. I’ll put a few photos and thoughts below on using this lens in the field so to speak. A Blue cheeked Bee-eater about to snag a dragonfly […]

January 18 2019
Mountain gorilla photography tour Uganda

Mountain gorilla photography tour Uganda

Yesterday we finished our recent mountain gorilla photography tour in beautiful Uganda where we had some outragous wildlife encounters. Massive thanks to Sandra, Jill, Russell, Marcel, Carlijn and Ann for being such great fun; I’m missing you already as you head on with your onward travels. Beautiful landscapes, a mind boggling array of wildlife and […]

December 31 2018
Best lens to photograph mountain gorillas

Best lens to photograph mountain gorillas

What is the best lens to photograph mountain gorillas is a question I get regularly asked by people coming on my mountain gorilla holidays.  And the quick answer is very easy … drum roll … a 70-200 F2.8 lens is my first choice. It has the perfect focal range and the fast aperture comes into […]

December 18 2018
Desert elephants Namibia

Twelve photos per year

I’ve been utterly blessed this past year to explore and photograph in many different areas of our beautiful planet. My personal aim each year is to try and take twelve photos that mean something to me. One per month. This year has been so hard to choose but here goes … Seeing desert elephants has […]

December 01 2018

Derawan Dive Report

With just so many beautiful wildlife encounters over the last couple of weeks it’s hard to know where to start this Derawan dive report.  Mind blowing sightings of Manta Rays, Whale sharks and Thresher sharks would have to be the highlight I suppose. But it would also be rude to ignore seeing over a 100 […]

November 26 2018
Jellyfish lake Kakaban Borneo

Jellyfish lake Borneo

Kakaban island lies off the east coast of Kalimantan and is home to the famous jellyfish lake of Borneo. The reefs around this gorgeous uninhabited island offer fantastic diving where we had great sightings of Thresher and Nurse sharks along with lots of black and white tips. In between dives it possibly has the world’ […]

November 15 2018

orangutan photography tour November trip report

Positive people seem to get rewarded with positive wildlife experiences. Our last week in Borneo has been very very special Everyone gelled so quickly on this trip and it soon became a group of friends sharing a unique experience together. And blimey were we rewarded with some incredible wildlife encounters. Massive thanks to Scott, Jane, […]

October 31 2018
wildlife nature photography

Proboscis monkey photos

Proboscis monkey photos Proboscis monkeys are endemic to the low lying coastal swamps of Borneo. One of the most important population thrives in Tanjung Puting national park where you'll see so many that it's easy to forget quite how endangered these primates are. Every evening, small groups gather in the tree tops next to a [...]
October 30 2018

Orangutan photography tour trip report

We’ve just finished this year’s October Borneo orangutan photography tour so while I have a decent internet connection I’ll add a a few photos below. Massive thanks to Bob, Christine, Andy, Jill, Eric, Vicky, Pam and Scott for being such lovely participants this year. Between us we raised another chunk of money for The Orangutan […]

October 13 2018
Orangutan book

Borneo orangutan conservation

Soon I return to Borneo for my annual orangutan fundraising tours where we see and photograph and immense amount of wildllife. One of the places we’ll visit on my October trip is the Lamandau wildlife reserve which is such a positive conservation project. Through sales of our last book ‘The Orangutan’s World’ the Orangutan Foundation […]