May 26 2021
Virgina McKenna elephant print

Virginia McKenna elephant print

Virginia McKenna OBE and co-founder of Born Free is ninety on Thursday 10th June 2021. There’s a free online event to mark this occasion which starts at 6.30 pm (GMT) on 10th June. Hosted by Virginia’s son Will Travers OBE and Born Free patron & broadcaster Nicky Cambell OBE. All are welcome and any funds […]

May 09 2021
Sussex seascape photography

Seascape photography Sussex

“There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” Saray kay A few recent seascape shots from Sussex … I’m pleased too announce a couple of dates for my next Sussex seascape photography workshops … more info here. 

March 18 2021

Chimp Eden South Africa

I recently got invited on a virtual tour of Jane Goodall’s Chimp Eden which is a chimpanzee rescue centre in South Africa. The funds raised from my chimpanzee limited edition prints are helping to buy some more land there. If you’d like your own virtual tour of this incredible project then contact me here and […]

February 26 2021

Starling murmuration Brighton freeze frame

I’ve been on a major starling mission recently in Somerset where some nights well over a million starlings have come out to play … and then on my way back home this happend. One of the best starling murmurations I’ve ever seen. I filmed it and edited it using a technique to layer the different […]

February 18 2021
Sussex photography courses macro

water drop refraction photography

Coming soon … water drop refraction photography workshop at my home in Sussex. Learn how to take unusual photos of water drops, flowers etc along with how to post process them. Contact me here to be kept updated with next dates.

January 16 2021

landscape photography Sussex

Landscape photography Sussex I like the randomness of who comes on my Sussex photography days; a chance to spend time with other people enchanted by light. Just had a lovely email from Lorna who I spent a one-on-one day with recently. “Hi Ian, thank you for a great, informative day and for being such a […]

January 09 2021
Jane Goodall chimpanzee print

Chimpanzees Gombe Stream

As part of a current upgrade to a new phone I’ve been having a major video sort out and just came across the clips below from one of my Gombe National park trips a while ago. Just love the expression on my friend’s faces when some of the chimps take them by surprise and pass […]

December 13 2020

Twelve photos from 2020

I know lots of people have had a tough year so if you’ve been affected by the world’s events than my heart goes out to you and I wish you well for the coming age of Aquarius.  I’ve been lucky and 2020 has been an utterly special year for me.. Here’s 12 photos in no […]

October 01 2020
Attenborough gorilla print

Great ape prints

Great Ape Charity auction prints – This online charity auction ended at midnight GMT on 14th November and raised a total of £7426 so massive thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to people who bought them who we’ll contact after 16th Nov to arrange delivery etc. The full range of great ape prints […]

June 22 2020
badger photography Sussex cub

Badger photography

I’ve had a very interesting new commission to photograph an animal that has never been properly photographed in the wild before. I’ve designed a whole remote DSLR camera trap system with several off camera flashes that are all weather proofed enough to live in a tropical rain forest for many weeks. Luckily I own some […]

June 09 2020
orangutan with butterfly

orangutan with butterfly

“Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” ― Nathaniel Hawthorne The photo above is one of the images selected for a new range of limited edition prints – more info to follow soon.

May 22 2020
Cheetah cubs Tanzania Africa

Cheetah on safari vehicle

My big cat trips always produce personal encounters with lions, cheetahs and leopards but this morning in Ndutu was crazy. Waiting in the middle of nowhere at 6 am on a misty Africa morning, when two cheetahs used one of my vehicles to gain a view over the savannah. Got to just love love love […]

April 11 2020

Supermoon photos

Life is too short to not have fun; we are only here for such a short time compared to the sun and moon and all that ? 

March 07 2020
Tanzania photography tour elephant

Tanzania photography tour

This year’s Tanzania photography tour yielded some extraordinary wildlife encounters. In Ndutu alone we had 27 lion sightings, 5 cheetahs, 2 rhinos and 1 leopard. Not to mention hundreds of thousands of wildebeest on their migration plus far too many elephants to even vaguely count. My next Tanzania photography tour will run in February 2022 […]

February 08 2020
How to take star trail photography

Star trail photographs

It’s much easier to take star trail photographs than many people think so here’s the low down along with a link to an incredible piece of free software to help you process the images. Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada. Late at night with a slightly drunk friend who was willing to sit on the log. 1) […]

December 18 2019

12 photos from 2019

“This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to the forest and be part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No one else […]

November 29 2019
manta ray Komodo snorkelling

Komodo dragon snorkelling tour

A few days ago we finished my 2019 Komodo dragon, manta ray and turtle snorkelling tour where I chartered a lovely boat for a week for our wander around this gorgeous marine park. Massive thanks to Pat, Steve, Nancy, Joe, Michal, Rob and Chris for being part of such a beautiful trip – a few […]

November 16 2019

Manta rays Hanifaru

Manta rays Hanifaru No animal on earth – including birds – flies quite as gracefully as a Manta Ray. I’ve been fascinated with these highly intelligent creatures for over 20 year’s now and have been humbled to be in their presence in many different places. There’s a few Manta Ray photos below along with a […]

November 16 2019
Borneo orangutan photography tour

Borneo orangutan photography tour

We’ve just finished our November 2019 Borneo orangutan photography tour which was simply divine. Sharing intimate wildlife experiences with a bunch of thoroughly nice people is such a pleasure. I’m in Komodo now and head out into the ocean tomorrow to see my manta ray friends. Massive thanks to Georgi, Rob, Nancy, Joe, Hannah, Liana, […]

November 05 2019
Proboscis monkey jumping in river

Proboscis monkey jumping into river

It took me approximately 20 years to take the photo below of a Proboscis monkey jumping into a river. I’ve got plenty of near misses over the years but I’ve always had an aim to capture the exact moment that one made contact with the water with a reflection. The problem is having an idea […]

October 30 2019
Orangutan photography tour

Orangutan photography tour

We’ve just finished my October orangutan photography tour which yielded some extraordinary close encounters with these great apes. Massive thanks to Robin, Sara, Liz, Kate, Michael, Catherine, Greg, Cara and Anysley for being such fabalous company during our Borneo adventure. Time is a tad limited at the mo but here’s a few shots from this […]

October 07 2019
Baby orangutan photos Borneo

Baby orangutan photos

Below are a few baby orangutan photos taken on my Borneo orangutan tours to Tanjung Puting national park. Every year I run a couple of  Borneo orangutan fundraising trips in partnership with the Orangutan Foundation. Here we spend time observing and photographing orangutans and other wildlife thriving in this area. There's also another blog page [...]
August 06 2019

A few photos from beautiful Peru

Time is a tad limted at the mo, so I haven’t had a chance to write a trip report yet from our recent Peru photography holiday. A massive heartfelt thanks to Ginnie, Robert, Barbara, Linden, Russell, Jo and Michal for being so lovely and such a pleasure to travel with. I’ll put a few photos […]

August 06 2019

Mobile phone landscape photography

Recently I was asked to run a Sussex photography workshop using someone’s new phone. It’s been beautiful here in Sussex since I returned from my travels but the weather broke the day before our workshop leaving us with a largely cloudy day. Below are a few photos raken with the Samsung S10E which is hugely […]

June 24 2019
Rainbow mountain Peru

Rainbow Mountain Peru

Rainbow mountain in Peru is one of the most incredible geological features on our lovely planet.  People who live in this unique valley bring offerings as this area is considered a holy place. I climbed Rainbow mountain on my last Peru photography holiday and was utterly blown away by the beauty of this area. More info […]