April 01 2018

Ranthambore tiger sightings

Ranthambore tiger sightings – trip report March 2018 Huge thanks to Jill, Russell, Marcel, Calijn and Sandra for being such a lovely group on this year’s tiger and Taj Mahal photography trip. We were rewarded with an incredible 20 tiger sightings between our two safari vehicles along with a range of other wildlife. I run […]

March 18 2018
Masaya volcano night

Volcano photography

One of the great pleasures of landscape photography is the journey to get to unusual parts of our planet. Volcanoes usually involve a long walk where you’re never quite sure what you’ll see at the end. I do love a volcano – they offer a glimpse and a vent into the power inside the gorgeous […]

February 08 2018

El castillo indio maiz

El Castillo is a small settlement perched on the shores of the mighty San Juan river in southern Nicaragua. It’s the gateway to explore the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve which protects the best forest in the country. More info to follow but in the meantime here’s a few photos from here.

January 30 2018
Frog Refugio de Vida Silvestre Los Guatuzos

Refugio de Vida Silvestre Los Guatuzos

Refugio de Vida Silvestre Los Guatuzos is the largest area of wetlands in Nicaragua and is home to a mind boggling array of wildlife. Great sightings of Howler, Spider and Capuchin monkeys are common here along with both two and three toed sloths. And as for birds, reptiles and amphibians – they are quite simply […]

January 26 2018
Leon cathedral Nicaragua

Leon Nicaragua

The bohemian city of Leon is my favourite cosmopolis in Nicaragua by some degree. Oozing history, this crumbing colonial place grows on you the longer you spend here and it’s a wonderful place for photography. Leon is central to Nicaragua’s left-wing political movements and has a strong affinity with the Sandinista movement. It was at […]

January 25 2018
Nicaragua Pelicans birds

Surfing Pelicans

“There are a million ways to surf, and as long as you’re smiling you’re doing it right.” Along the Pacific coast of Northwest Nicaragua lies an area of mangrove swamps near the small village of Padre Ramos where I’ve been exploring recently. It’s the largest area of mangroves in the whole of Central America and […]

January 16 2018
Little Corn island storm

Enjoy the storm

” Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky.”  – Rabindranath Tagore I’m coming to the end of my stay on Little Corn island, Nicaragua, which is such a beautiful place. For most of my time here the weather has been […]

January 11 2018
Little Corn island Nicaragua

Little Corn island Nicaragua

Litte Corn island lies off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and has to be one of the most chilled islands I’ve ever had the pleasure of exploring. Colours are a big part of this gorgeous country and here is no exception – below are a few images I took on a shoot early this morning. […]

January 05 2018
Granada Nicaragua

Granada Nicaragua

“Follow your passions and the universe will open doors where there were once walls.” The new year has started with a dramatic change of scenery from our last few weeks in Indonesia. After a wonderful new year catch up with lovely friends in England we’ve now arrived in Nicaragua for the next eight weeks work, […]

December 24 2017

What if ?

What if our religion was all living things ? If our practice was our life, if prayer, our words. What if our temple was the earth, if forests were our church, if holy water the rivers, lakes, and ocean. What if meditation was our relationships. If our teacher was life, if wisdom was self knowledge […]

December 02 2017
orangutan selfie

Orangutan selfie photos

Orangutan selfie photos taken in Borneo On my October 2017 Borneo orangutan Fundraising trip to Tanjung Puting National Park I hid a GoPro to try and take some unusual shots of these great apes. I thought that worse case if an orangutan found my GoPro it would sniff it and discard it as not being […]

November 30 2017
Bunaken diving

Why I love Bunaken Sulawesi

Bunaken diving Some places I just keep returning to and Bunaken island in North Sulawesi is one of them. I first dived these waters about 20 years ago and the marine life here is still superb. Add in a super friendly chilled vibe on the island and you’ve got the perfect recipe. And the good […]

November 26 2017
difference between Hawksbill and Green turtles

Difference between Hawksbill and Green turtles

Spot the difference between Hawksbill and Green turtles When you know what to look for it’s easy to spot the difference between Hawksbill and Green turtles. However these two species of sea turtles often cause confusion amongst both divers and snorkellers. One of the easiest ways to distinguish them is to have a look at […]

November 17 2017
Tanjung Puting orangutan

Borneo orangutan tour trip report Nov 2017

Borneo orangutan tour report- November 2017 “Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible nature. Unaware that this nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshiping.” Hubert Reeves There’s a paradox of living in our current snapshot of human evolution. Travel possibilities abound more than ever, but we […]

November 01 2017
Kingfisher Storkbilled

Tanjung Puting birds

Tanjung Puting national park in Borneo where I run my annual orangutan tours is home to plenty of other wildlife including over 230 species of our feathered friends. Below are a few bird photos taken on my trips there. I’m grateful to Quentin Phillipps for giving me a copy of his book The Field Guide […]

October 30 2017
Tanjung Puting orangutan

Tanjung Puting orangutan tour

Tanjung Puting orangutan tour trip report – Oct 2017 Where to start !? My October 2017 orangutan photography tour to Tanjung Puting National park, Borneo was so special. First I’d like to say huge thanks to Nikki, Helen, Kevin, Katy, James, Ian and Hannah for being so wonderful. Watching wildlife with like minded people is […]

October 22 2017
Orangutan sanctuary

orangutan conservation

They say that the eyes the are the windows to the soul. Many orangutans end up in quarantine centres when their habitat is destroyed and I think the eyes say it all in my four photos below ? Compare the vibrance between those in captivity and the others living wild in the forest. For the […]

September 13 2017
What protection should I take against malaria

What protection should I take against malaria

What protection against Malaria should you consider ? What protection against malaria you should consider, is one that I get asked frequently by people joining me on a Borneo orangutan holiday. This is my personal opinion based on many years spent in areas of the world with a risk of Malaria. I should clarify that [...]
September 07 2017
Proboscis monkeys Tanjung Puting information

Proboscis monkey information

Photos for this Proboscis monkey information were taken on my Borneo orangutan holidays run in partnership with The Orangutan Foundation UK. There's a few more photos of Proboscis monkeys jumping and leaping here. Proboscis monkey information - key facts Common name - Proboscis monkey; Latin name - Nasalis larvatus Size/weight - Males: up to 75 [...]
May 09 2017

The Orangutan’s World

The Orangutan’s World book Huge thanks to The Guardian for doing such a great feature on my new book The Orangutan’s World. Click on the image below for a link to their article and gallery of wildlife photos. There’s more information on The Orangutan’s World here including a few sample pages to flick through.

April 18 2017
Beachy Head Sussex

Sussex photography training day May 2017

A few photos from my last Sussex photography training day. “Thanks for the awesome photography day today – just arrived home and spent the whole journey chatting about everything we’ve learnt. Off to the beach again now, this time with the dog to try some frisby action shots ! ” Jen and Marcus. Fancy coming […]

April 18 2017
Sussex photography day

Sussex photography workshop April 16th 2017

Such a wonderful day on Sunday with some lovely photos from my Sussex photography workshop. Thanks so much to Vicky and Margaret for sharing some of their shots from our day below. If you fancy coming on a future Sussex photography day click here for more info.  “I had the pleasure of spending a day […]

April 16 2017
Sri Lanka temple

What has this got to do with photography ?

“The principle of nowness is very important to any effort to establish an enlightened society. You may wonder what the best approach is to helping society and how you can know that what you are doing is authentic and good. The only answer is nowness. The way to relax, or rest the mind is nowness […]